The New 20 Minute Total Body Workout, The New SensoPro Trainer

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Designed for Rehabilitation, Fitness and Pro Training

The New 20 Minute Total Body Workout,

The New SensoPro Trainer®


A brand new concept that is manufactured in Switzerland and has been trialled and tested across Europe


The only product that can train multiple skills in one session; coordination, strength, endurance, cardio vascular and proprioception, building improved functional movement

From rehabilitation to pro athlete

Suitable for all levels of fitness from people needing rehabilitation or physiotherapy, those starting to exercise for the first time, competitive sports participants to professional athletes

Time saving

An effective total body work out in just 20 minutes

Space saving

At just 3m2 it’s compact enough to have anywhere! In a healthcare facility, gym or your own home.


The SensoPro Trainer® features a Built-in Video Coaching System with a wide variety of video workouts across sports rehabilitation, health, fitness and pro training; allowing users to train independently and correct themselves as the video-coaching system requests.

Thanks to the wide variety of different workout programmes, the SensoPro Trainer® is simply limitless. Each workout video is goal-oriented, ensuring you optimal results whether it’s for rehabilitation, health, fitness or pro-training.

Sensopro Training ®

Variety of different workout programmes with the SensoPro Trainer® is simply limitless. Due to variety and goal-oriented focuses of the workouts, you can achieve your

Sensopro Training ®